Throwing Competitions & Sports Betting

Do you love the Scottish culture? If yes then you are on the right website. Our mission is to share all the information you need to have about foothills highland games with special focus on throwing sports. We want to make it easy for you to locate the best events to watch or participate in as well as share a couple of tips on how to make real money in these games by taking advantage of online casino & casino bonus. Stick around to find out more.

These are events that are take place in spring and summer in Scotland, UK and many other countries. The games have a huge Scottish diaspora because they celebrate the Celtic and Scottish culture. Focus is on the Scottish highlands culture thus the reason the throwing sports take place in the highlands. It is good to note that this traditional Scottish sporting event predates any recorded history. Going to these events either as a participant or a spectator will include wearing a kilt, drinking whiskey, Scottish dancing and eating haggis. There is a lot of fun for everyone. You just need to locate the best event to attend and don’t forget to try your luck in sports betting.


A Yearly Event Promoting the Life in the Highlands

The foothills highland games are believed to have started in the 11th century when King Malcolm III of Scotland summoned contestants to a foot race to the summit of the Craig Choinnich. The objective was for the king to find the fastest runner who would become his royal messenger. The modern day highland games are mostly a Victorian invention. They were developed after Highland Clearances.

Today, in addition to throwing sports, there are numerous events you can participate in. The physical events include:

  • Caber toss: A long wooden pole is balanced vertically then tossed. This is the most popular of the throwing sports.
  • Sheaf toss: A bundle of straw is tossed vertically using a pitchfork over a raised bar.
  • Stone put: This is similar to shot put only that a large stone is thrown instead of a steel disc.
  • Scottish hammer throw: This is the same as modern-day hammer throw. In this Olympic event, a round metal ball attached to the end of a solid / wooden shaft is thrown.
  • Weight throw: Metal weights attached to a chain are thrown with one hand.
  • Weight over the bar / weight for height: A 56 pound weight is tossed over a horizontal bar overhand.
  • Axe throwing. An axe is thrown to hit a target.

In addition to these physical events and the unconventional equipment, there is music and dancing. This is what makes the event perfect for everyone. Sports betting make the event a lot more fun too.



Schedule of the Various Events

Due to the popularity of throwing sports, there are major events held in various countries around the world. If you want to participate in foothills highland games without going to Scotland, here are the major events and locations outside Scotland:

  • Highland Gathering in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
  • Scottisch Weekend in Alden Biesen, Belgium
  • Bermuda Highland Games in Somerset and Pembroke in Bermuda
  • Scout Highland Games – GEJL46RS in Estancia Velha, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil
  • Scottish Highland Games Brazil at Sapucaua do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul

The majority of throwing sports are in Canada. This is the best place to watch or take part in these games. The United States also has many locations where you can take part in these events. Other countries that hold the foothills highland games are Czech Republic, Indonesia, Hungary, New Zealand, and Switzerland.


Annual Celebration of Scottish Culture

The foothills highland games are the most popular celebrations of Scottish culture. Other celebrations include:

  • Edinburg jazz & blues festival
  • Celtic connections
  • Orkney folk festival
  • Scottish Queer international film festival
  • Glasgow film festival
  • Edinburg International Festival
  • Edinburg International Book Festival
  • Royal Edinburg Military Tattoo

Throwing Sports Events

Due to the level of engagement they bring, throwing sports have spread far and wide. There are more and more competitions today and their inclusion in a legal casino have made them a lot more fun to watch even for persons who never plan on participating in them physically. Because of the huge crowds the foothill highland games attract, organizers are now partnering with legal casino sites to allow people to participate in sports betting easily. The online casino & casino bonus make it easy for newbies to place their bets for free and get a chance to win real money rewards. All you have to do is find the online casino with casino bonuses that features throwing sports.