History of the Heavy Games

Canadian Scottish Athletic Association

History of tossing the caber

History of hammer throwing

The Scottish Heavy Events are the ultimate test of strength and power. Athletes will demonstrate incredible feats of determination and muscle as they attempt to conquer the Heavy Events of the highland games.

Throwers should be registered through the CSAF database or at least be a member of the Alberta Scottish Athletic Association. The amateur event is run by the ASAA and throwers must have previous competition experience or attended a clinic for throwers by members of the ASAA. A kilt is mandatory at our games.

For more information please go to our contact page and contact our Heavy Events Coordinator – Dave Roe


Games Schedule for the CSAF

09:30 Braemar

10:00 Open Stone

10:30 Heavy Weight

11:00 Light Weight

11:30 Caber

13:00 Heavy Hammer

14:00 Light Hammer

14:30 WOB

15:30 Challenge Caber

Kids Heavy Games at 12:00 gift bags for those who participate


08:30 Braemar

09:00 Open Stone

09:30 Caber

10:30 Heavy Hammer

11:00 Light Hammer

11:30 Sheaf

13:00 WOB

14:00 Heavy Weight

14:30 Light Weight

Women/Masters/Junior Heavy Games

08:30 WOB

09:30 Sheaf

10:30 Braemar

11:00 Open Stone

11:30 Heavy Weight

12:00 Light Weight

13:00 Caber

14:00 Heavy Hammer

14:30 Light Hammer