Games of the Highlands

For hundreds of years, the Games of the Highlands have been part of the culture of Scotland and are still as popular today as they have always been. And you’ll see that it’s not surprising when you notice yourself the sense of community, historical legacy and celebration that you feel at each of the Highlands games.

Scottland, together with Ireland, Brittany, Wales, Cornwal and the Isle of Man are part of the Celtic family of the nation. All of them share a similar background and history and are situated on the west side of the European continent. Although nowadays many of the Celtic languages are secondary to English and French, the cultural heritage and tradition still live on and these kinds of events are one of the reasons why. People of Celtic background around the world proudly celebrate and remember their culture to this day. Each one of the events of the Games of the Highlands has its own character and its own traditions, and many of them are held in the most beautiful places you can imagine. He developed a friendship with the locals and with other visitors while you enjoy our Scottish hospitality and you see a thrilling spectacle and sport of champions interspersed with music, dance and much more.

The Games of the Highlands of Scotland are events, usually one day in length, that are held in outdoor spaces around the country. Are organized around traditional sports of the Highlands as the launch of cáber, the rope pull, and the hammer throw, but also include music and dances of the Scottish Highlands, as well as lots of fun for the whole family including food stalls and crafts or games. Many events also include cattle samples, parades, and even pet contests best dressed. Some games continue to be held until late at night, with live music, ceilidhs, and discos.

Our Highlands games are so popular that when Scots have migrated to other lands, they have taken tradition with them to other parts of the world. From 1836 held Games of the Highlands in EE. UU. but they are also celebrated in other places like Canada, Norway, New Zealand and Brazil. However, there is no better place to enjoy them than in their original frame.

Although they have begun in the region of the Highlands of Scotland, today these games have held the length and breadth of the country, from the north coast of the Scottish Highlands, to the island of South Uist in the west, and Aberdeenshire to the east and Peebles in the south.

When is it Held?

The season of Gaming events in the Highlands will begin on the 12th of May, with the Games of the Highlands from Gourock, culminating in July and August with over 30 events each month and ends on the 21st of September with the Games of the Highlands of Invercharron. Most of the events of the Games of the Highlands will take place on the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday.